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  The Living Legend Foundation

The Jammin Foundation’s vision continued my desire to honor my father drummer Mr. James B. Owens by listening, living, learning, experiencing, working, creating, performing and celebrating together. 



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                            The Living Legend Foundation

  Congratulations to all our Legends for the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013  JaZzabrationTM series.

A Foundation that has a passion and a heart for Living Jazz & Blues Legends. We created this foundation with the purpose of honoring and celebrating Jazz & Blues Legends and Greats, generally over the age of 70. Our goal and mission is to make sure that Jazz & Blues lives on in the heart and minds of our future generation.

We created a monthly community celebration JaZzabrationTM series to unite and bring old friendships together for fun & some great music. These celebrations have united old friendships in the music world and musicians that had not seen each other for years.

Our mission is unique in the fact that we select and honor Living Jazz & Blues Legends and celebrate their contributions while they are alive to appreciate the honoring.

We educate the families about the importance of Legacy Protection and Preservation.

March celebrates Women's Month, April celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month, May celebrates Patriotism, June celebrates Juneteenth Jazz & Black Music Month, July celebrates Freedom Month. We theme the Living Legends within the appropriate month.

Living Legend Foundation is the out-growth of the Jammin Foundation founded by Dahle Scott McDuff, a noted world class Jazz Singer and leader of The Jammin Foundation. The Living Legends Jazz Series Movements  are reflections of the Jammin “Paviors Night”. 


We thank the Jammin Foundation for it’s creative sponsorship and partnership helping to develop the current Living Legend Foundation and the JaZzabrationTM series.

 The Living Legend Foundation is now creating partnerships with funding sources to accomplish our mission.

Funding is needed to produce the event each month to pay for the food, the musicians that play tribute to the Living Legends, the facility, the decorations, and the printed marketing materials and continued growth for the Foundation.

Please join us in donating your time, money or resources to this great cause!


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