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Roscoe Lee Owens

"The road to success is always under construction" 

 "The road to success is always under construction"

   I invite you “We are in business for ourselves but not by  ourselves.”  Understanding the Social Networking systems I realized that it is the most  effective way to continue good health, mental, physical and financial. The success is  building upon itself through building a network of supportive minded progressive  individuals. This excited me and I am thankful every-day for the opportunity that I may  continue to be mentally, physically and financially healthy. 

   Avenues and Revenues..... Learn and Earn




Experience and Summary:  Roscoe Lee Owens


Over 30 years of experience in coordinating, marketing, consulting, organizing, planning and implementing successful projects for businesses, organizations and municipalities. 

 EDUCATION: Bachelor of Arts "Twentieth Century Thought and Expression" Sociology California University of Dominguez Hills 

 Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist: Providing communication skills training, behavior modification, cognitive restructuring and validation. Identify, mobilize and expand the support system.   

 Current projects: Success Express Marketing Solutions 


 Mr. James B. Owens; my inspiration, my Father, the bandleader, drummer James "Jimmie" Owens was the guiding force behind the family and music. Jimmie brought together over 150 years of musical experience with a talented mix of rhythm and style. Growing up in East Saint Louis Ill. Jimmie began his career in music with his brother Hilton Owens. Both brothers came to California in the mid-forties and became involved in the development of that West coast Jazz sound. Jimmie Owens drummer played in the Big Bands at the famous Central Avenue Dunbar Hotel, The Lincoln Theater and several other locations in the Los Angeles area performing with combo's and ensembles.  Club Alabam, Dootoo's, 54 & Mayflower Ballrooms, Cotton Club in Culver City, Parisian Room,  Original Memory Lane, Pied Piper, Flying Fox, California Club and so many others amazing venues  Jimmie Owens the drummer completed his musical journey with his noted trio "The Jimmie Owens Trio" with pianist, organist and composer Mr. Rodger Hamilton Spotts and tenor and alto sax Mr. Robert "Bob" Lacefield. This dynamic Trio ensemble has always played their own brand of classic jazz and Jimmie produced his last CD "Keeping It Alive" RIP.  


Living Legend Foundation  for us is a growth of the Jammin Foundation founded by Dahle Scott McDuff, a noted world class Jazz Singer and leader of The Jammin Foundation. The Living Legends Jazz Series Movement are reflections of the “Paviors Night”. We thank the Jammin Foundation for it’s creative sponsorship and partnership helping to develop the current Living Legend Foundation and the Living Legend Series.

Funding is needed to continue the mission, activities and events. Please join us in donating your time, money or resources to this great cause!

  The Collective Ensemble of incredible business associates, creative performing Musicians and Fine Artists:

 The JazzZone Network  

 Jazzzone TV Show:   Friday's 8:am (and) 8:pm The Arroyo channel Pasadena community access channel   

 Living Legends "JaZzabration Series" 

 Living Legends JaZzabration Series

JazzZone Supports Local Businesses: "Jammin @ Perry's Joint"   " JazzZone Jammin"  Tuesday's LIVE Music & Art Series" 2051 Lincoln Avenue Pasadena, CA 91103

Leimert Park Art Walk Art and Music events "entering the Zone" @ The Vision Theater; the last Sunday of each month. People’s Street 3341 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA 90008

 Leimert Park Art Walk


Kennedy Austin Wellness Foundation   

 2501 N.Garey Ave Pomona,, CA 91768


The Prostate Health Education Network, Inc., (PHEN) is a non-profit 501(c)3  organization. "Battling the Killer Within."                        



 Los Angeles African Marketplace, Art Festival Artist exhibitions: 



Roscoe Lee Owens     626-798-6848     







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